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What is advising?

The primary focus of advising is to help a student plan their academic career by guiding the student as they select the courses appropriate for their career choice and aspirations. Advising also allows a student to engage in an in-depth discussion of their goals and plans. A student may be interested in study abroad, various student organizations or even an internship – an advising appointment is the perfect time to hold these discussions.

Students must meet with their advisor every semester to have their registration hold removed. You cannot register for classes without having this hold removed.

Who is my advisor?

To find your advisor:

  1. Log-in to MyCSU
  2. Select Student (to the left)
  3. Select Student Records (at the top)
  4. Select Academic Advising Record
  5. Your advisor is listed in the top left corner “Current advisor is…”

Lower division business students will be advised in the Student Services Center. All other students will be advised by a faculty member in there indicated major.

Expectations during advising appointments

  • Come prepared
    • Student should have prepared a list of courses they would like to take in the upcoming semesters
      • To view which classes you have taken and what classes you have left access your Degree Evaluation
        • Log-in to MyCSU
        • Select the Students tab
        • Select Student Records
        • Select Degree Works
        • Another tab will open (you may need to disable your pop-up blocker)
        • Courses for degree are now displayed by Areas A – I
        • Courses not met will display “still needed” in red
    • Any questions you may have
    • Paperwork that needs to be completed by your advisor
  • Do not wait until the last minute for advising - Faculty and Student Services staff extend their office hours to accommodate all of our students during the advising period.
  • Show up to your appointment on time

Dates - Summer and Fall 2018

Advising: March 12 - 30

Advising Worksheet (PDF)

Making an advising appointment

  •  Go to EAB and log in using the info below.
    • Your username is the name part of your CSU email (No need to enter the
    • Your password is your MyCSU password.
  • On the home page, click on "Get Advising" in the blue box on the right hand side.
  • From the drop down menu, choose "Academic Advising".
  • Choose your reason for the meeting. "Academic Advising" is a good catch all reason if yours is not listed. Click  Next.
  • For location, choose College of Business Advising.
  • Pick your advisor from the drop down. Click Next.
    • If your advisor is not shown, please double check the advising center and/or contact them for appointment instructions.
  • Here you will see available times. Choose your day and morning or afternoon.
  • Once you click morning or afternoon, you are given times to choose from. Click on your selected time, and click Next.
  • Enter comments/concerns/questions in the comment box.
  • Set up a reminder! We highly suggest the text option!
  • Click on Confirm Appointment!