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Turner College of Business

Turner College of Business

How will we be judged?

• All business plans must be submitted using our two-page business plan template.

• All business plans will be screened before being forwarded to the judges. The judges' decision is final. The judges reserve the right to select as many finalists as they choose. Finalists must be prepared to present their plan to the judges on May 2, 2019 on the campus of Columbus State University.

• The competition will have up to three prize winners, but the judges may choose not to recognize any winners.

• Prize money will be evenly distributed to all members of the winning team(s).

• All business plans will be judged using an overall score of 100 points, where 100 = "Absolutely Invest" and 0 = "Will Not Invest".

• Please contact Dr. Kirk Heriot, the Director of the CSU Business Plan Competition, if you have any questions (