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Marketing, Management, Accounting, and Finance


How to

  1. Log-in to MyCSU
  2. Select the Student tab
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select Add, Drop, Withdraw
  5. Select term (if first time registering may ask you to confirm your address or sign-up for the Regents test)
  6. You can search within the screen for classes or can type the CRN (five digit number for each class) into the boxes provided

Holds (what it means and who can remove)

Any holds listed on your academic advising record can impact your ability to register for course.

Advisor Hold – removed by your advisor during an advising appointment

Business OfficeContact the Bursar's office in University Hall

Campus TicketContact Parking Services

Emergency LoanContact Financial Aid

Immunization HoldContact Registrar's office

New Student Orientation or Transfer Orientation – removed once you complete Orientation (Some transfer students can complete orientation online. Contact the Orientation office for more information.)

Transcript HoldContact Registrar's office


During registration a student may come across one of the following registration errors:

Class – course is restricted to a specific class status (ex. BUSA 3135 requires Junior or higher status)

College – course is restricted to a specific college

Major – course is restricted to a specific major

Overfill – class is full, must contact instructor/department chair for permission

Pre-req and test score – have not satisfied the pre-requisites for the course (ex. ACCT 2102 requires completion of ACCT 2101, but student did not pass or has not taken)

Errors for non-business courses must be handled by the department they are located in (ex. Pre-req and test score error for MATH 1125 should be directed to the Math department)

Business course errors can be addressed to the Student Services Center. Student must submit a Registration Override Request Form (available in the SSC during Registration).


After registration ends students have another opportunity to change their schedule. Drop/Add is held during the first week of classes. During this time you can drop or add a class without penalty (no impact on GPA or financial aid hours).

Students may still drop classes after the first week of classes up until the Last Day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty (as indicated in the Academic Calendar). Classes dropped within this time frame will show on your transcripts as a "W." The class will count towards your financial aid hours and you will not be reimbursed for this course.

Students that drop a class after the Last day to Withdraw Without Academic Penalty will receive a "WF." This class will count towards your financial aid hours, you will not be reimbursed for this course, and it will impact your GPA.